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Did you know? Almost 4 million people
in Canada have OsteoArthritis.

REVITIVE Medic is suitable for those with OsteoArthritis

Speak to your pharmacist & find out how REVITIVE Medic is now suitable for those with OsteoArthritis, as well as for those with Diabetes, Poor Mobility, Muscle Weakness and in Post-surgery recovery.

I suffer with arthritis, and my feet were prone to becoming puffy and swollen. Walking could often be a problem, but since using REVITIVE I am able
to walk without pain.


OsteoArthritis is a condition in which the joints of the body become damaged, stop moving freely and become painful. It's the most common form of arthritis in Canada.

The risk of developing OsteoArthritis increases from age 45 onwards.

Who is most likely to get OsteoArthritis?

13% of Canadian adults are affected by OsteoArthritis, the most common type of arthritis.

Arthritis graph

Among all causes of disability in Canada, arthritis ranks first among women and third among men.

Arthritis graph

Two out of three Canadians affected by arthritis are women

Arthritis graph

Nearly three out of every five people with arthritis are of working age

What are the symptoms of OsteoArthritis?

The 5 main symptoms of OsteoArthritis are:


The pain tends to be worse when you move your joint at the start or end of the day. If you have severe OsteoArthritis, you may feel pain more often.


The swelling may be hard (caused by osteophytes) or soft (caused by synovial thickening and extra fluid), and the muscles around your joint may look thin or wasted.

Grating/grinding sensation (crepitus)

Your joint may creak or crunch as you move.


Your joints may feel stiff after rest, but this usually wears off as you get moving.

Not being able to use your joint normally

Your joint may not move as freely or as far as normal. Sometimes it may give way because your muscles have weakened or your joint has become less stable. Exercises to strengthen your muscles can help to prevent this.

Source: Arthritis Research UK

For more information on OsteoArthritis and living with the condition, visit:

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