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Medical Experts agree that Revitive Circulation Booster actively increases circulation, which may help to relieve your symptoms

Jonathan Beared

"I recommend Revitive to anyone suffering from the effects of poor circulation - swollen feet & ankles, aching legs and feet."

Professor Jonathan Beard, UK Consultant Vascular Surgeon**

Todd Walton

"Many of my patients have used this same kind of technology for many years successfully. With Revitive Medic you can now put this powerful therapy to work at home to help relieve the effects of poor circulation."

Todd Walton, Physical Therapist CSCS, Tigard, Oregon**

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Revitive has been clinically tested by Professor Alun Davies (Professor of Vascular Surgery) and his team at Imperial College London.

His latest published study examined people with PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) and investigated the effects of Revitive and its ability to relieve their symptoms (including Cramping, Pain and discomfort and poor circulation of the legs) enabling participants to walk further without their usual pain. The study was published in the prestigious British Journal of Surgery, which is ranked the no. 1 journal for General Surgery in Europe.

Professor Davies' research demonstrates that when Revitive was used alongside normal treatment, the participants seen improvements in their leg symptoms.

    People with PAD after use of Revitive for 30 minutes a day for 6 weeks: :
  • • Significantly increased their walking distance before start of cramping (Claudication symptoms, pain), a common symptom of PAD.
  • • Significantly reduced their feeling of pain and discomfort due to their PAD symptoms.

Participants also demonstrated a significant improvement in their leg circulation during the device use. Professor Davies' newest clinical trial, which tests the effects of Revitive for people with CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency), a disease that can cause swelling of the lower limbs, has also provided very positive results and will be published later this year. Read Professor Alun Davies Study

Leading medical experts test Revitive's potential

Medical Approved

London South Bank University specifically investigated the ability of Revitive to relieve symptoms of poor circulation caused by inactivity.

Results showed that Revitive very effectively reduced pain, swelling and other symptoms of poor circulation.

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