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Do you have poorer circulation?

Revitive is a drug-free medical device that helps actively improve your circulation
and reduce some of the symptoms of poorer circulation

Revitive Advanced

Age, medical conditions and immobility can affect your circulation. This can result in foot and leg pain, swollen feet & ankles and cramp. Revitive Circulation Booster may help you reduce pain in feet and ankles and reduce swelling.

  • Medical Conditions

  • Age

  • Diet and Tobacco

  • Mobility

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Circulation explained

When experiencing poorer circulation there are some simple symptoms that can be recognised.

Facts about circulation

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  • Average adult has 8-10 pints of blood

    Blood is very important because it carries and delivers many things that the body needs to stay well.

  • Arteries carry blood from the heart

    Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxgenated blood away from your heart to the legs, arms and other parts of the body allowing your muscles to work.

  • Veins carry the used blood back to the heart

    Veins carry the used blood back to your heart. Returning blood to the heart from the feet and legs, is very difficult as blood has to be pushed ‘uphill’ back to the heart.

  • Your legs act as a "second heart"

    Returning blood to the heart from lower parts of the body, such as the feet and legs, is hard work for your circulation because the blood has to be pushed ‘uphill’. To do this, the circulation needs help from muscles that surround the veins. When we walk, muscles in the feet and legs help to pump blood upwards. The more the muscles work the greater the squeezing action and the easier it is to push blood back to the heart. In effect, muscles in areas such as the feet and legs work as your "second heart".

Symptoms of poorer circulation

  • Pain in legs and feet
  • Tired, aching and heavy legs
  • Swollen ankles and feet

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