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Our 2012 model Revitive IX Circulation Booster has the original IsoRocker™ system and 15 variable waveforms, including the patented Widepulse waveforms.

  • Actively improves circulation
  • Relieves pain and cramps
  • Reduces swelling
  • Strengthens leg muscles

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Revitive IX Circulation Booster

Revitive IX is our innovative device, with its unique IsoRocker, WidePulse waveforms and intensity levels from 1–99. Revitive IX increases blood circulation, reduces swollen feet and ankles and alleviates aches and discomfort.

  • 99 Intensity Levels

  • IsoRocker

  • 15 variable waveforms

  • WildePulse Waveforms

  • Revitive Electrode Body Pads

  • Remote control

How to use Revitive in three simple steps

  1. Person with both feet on the foot pads of the Revitive IX

    Find a comfortable seat and place your bare feet on the foot-pads.

  2. Person sitting on the sofa reading a magazine whilst using the Revitive IX

    Increase the intensity until you can feel or see your feet and calf muscles contracting.

  3. Person using the remote to adjust the intensity of the Revitive IX

    Sit back, relax and let Revitive go to work while you enjoy reading or watching TV

What Revitive users say

Ever since I have been using Revitive, it has taken the pain in my legs entirely away. I get to sleep through the night every time. It is amazing!

Carol Watt. West Hill, Ontario** Reevoo Logo

I am on my feet all day, and I have problems with my ankles. I tried the product and it has worked wonders. I just sit and watch my favorite shows while I use it, once a day. It feels great, and really helps with the swelling in my ankles.

Lesley Ferguson. Scarborough, Ontario** Reevoo Logo

My circulation and mobility improved. (No more pins and needles and) I can go up and down stairs with ease. I would and have definitely recommended this product.

Annette, Montreal** Reevoo Logo